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The Media Education Foundation
The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media (2010)
  • Bill Yousman, Sacred Heart University

This one-volume encyclopedia features around 250 essays on the varied experiences of social movement media over the planet in the 20th and 21st centuries. Examining the tip of a gigantic iceberg, this reference resource examines a sample of the dizzying variety of formats and experiences that comprise social movement media. The guiding principles have been to ensure that experiences from the global South are given voice; that women are properly represented among contributors; that the wide spectrum of communication formats is included; that further reading is provided where relevant; and that some examples are provided of repressive social movement media, not exclusively progressive ones. Thematic essays address selected issues such as human rights media, indigenous peoples' media, and environmentalist media, and on key concepts widely used in the field such as alternative media, citizens' media, and community media. The encyclopedia engages with all communication media: broadcasting, print, cinema, the Internet, popular song, street theatre, graffiti, and dance. The entries are designed to be relatively brief with clear, accessible, and current information. Students, researchers, media activisits, and others interested in this field will find this to be a valuable resource.

  • Cinema,
  • Television,
  • Video Concept,
  • Cultural Contestations,
  • Feminist Media,
  • Gay and Lesbian Media,
  • Human Rights Media,
  • Independence Movement Media,
  • Indigenous Peoples' Media,
  • Information Policy Activism,
  • Internet Labor Media,
  • News Performance,
  • Art Media,
  • Popular Song,
  • Press Radio,
  • Social Movement Media,
  • Regions
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J. Downing
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Bill Yousman. "The Media Education Foundation" Thousand Oaks, CAThe Sage Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media (2010)
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