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Super-elastic scattering studies in a resonant optical enhancement cavity
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • Martyn Hussey, University of Manchester
  • Sarah Jhumka, University of Manchester
  • Alex Knight-Percival, University of Manchester
  • Andrew Murray, University of Manchester
  • William MacGillivray, Southern Cross University
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Peer Reviewed
A new method is described that allows super-elastic (SE) electron scattering studies to be extended to a wider range of targets. The technique employs an in-vacuum resonant optical enhancement cavity to amplify the intensity of the radiation interacting with the target atom. Initial SE results for Ca in a cavity are presented.
Citation Information

Hussey, M, Jhumka, S, Knight-Percival, A, Murray, A & MacGillivray, W 2012, 'Super-elastic scattering studies in a resonant optical enhancement cavity', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol.388, no. 4, 042033.

Article available on Open Access