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Imprimitivity in Decomposable Economies
Economics Bullettin (2008)
  • Ennio Bilancini, University of Siena
This note extends the analysis of imprimitive indecomosable economies (e.g. Nikaido, 1968, 1970) to the case of economies represented by a decomposable matrix. Using graph theory we show that imprimitivity leads to cyclical production lags also in decomposable economies, although in such a case the property must not be referred to the matrix representing the economy but to its indecomposable sub-matrices along the block-diagonal. The structure of the overall flow of commodities depends on both the number of imprimitive sub-matrices and their imprimitivity index.
  • Matrix Decomposability,
  • Matrix Imprimitivity,
  • Production Lags,
  • Linear Models of Production
Publication Date
Fall November 2, 2008
Citation Information
Ennio Bilancini. "Imprimitivity in Decomposable Economies" Economics Bullettin Vol. 3 Iss. 69 (2008)
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