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Intermediate description of the spectrum needs and usage principles
Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society (METIS) (2013)
  • Alex Apostolidis
  • Luis Campoy
  • Konstantinos Koufos
  • Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis
  • Karl-Josef Friederichs
  • Tim Irnich
  • Jonas Kronander
  • Jian Luo
  • Eiman Mohyeldin
  • Pedro Olmos
  • Thomas Rosowski
  • Hans D. Schotten
  • Bikramjit Singh, Aalto University
  • Miurel Tercero
  • Olav Tirkkonen
  • Mikko A. Uusitalo
This document explains and analyses the expected spectrum scenarios addressed in METIS.
In a bottom-up process, several spectrum bands are investigated and potential bands for future mobile communications use are explored. An analysis of spectrum access schemes and authorization regimes is provided, allowing to open up new spectrum usage options and to increase the overall spectrum efficiency. Implementation aspects resulting from these new spectrum authorization regimes are discussed in detail. A "Spectrum Sharing Tool Box" is introduced that provides a framework for the efficient implementation of the defined sharing concepts.
In a top-down process, the scenarios and test cases defined in METIS deliverable D1.1 are reviewed from a spectrum need and usage point of view. Linking the test cases to the METIS radio access concepts and horizontal topics that are most promising for their implementation allows a first mapping of the test case specific spectrum needs onto new and existing spectrum options, in particular those that might become available under new spectrum sharing regimes. The analysis clearly highlights the importance of making new spectrum usage options available. Without these new options many of the upcoming applications depending on wireless connectivity cannot be implemented. The analysis also indicates that not only more spectrum and more efficient spectrum usage concepts are required but that the broader range of application requirements will in addition result in new challenges on spectrum engineering with respect to guaranteeing co-existence, compatibility, and coverage.
It should be noted that deliverable D5.1 presents initial results of the METIS spectrum investigations, i.e., all aspects presented here are under discussion.
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum,
  • Individual / General Authorisation,
  • Shared Spectrum Access,
  • Spectrum Sharing Tool Box,
  • Spectrum Demand,
  • Licensed Shared Access (LSA),
  • Higher Frequencies,
  • Millimetre Wave (MMW) bands,
  • Spectrum Usage
Publication Date
Citation Information
"Intermediate description of the spectrum needs and usage principles," Deliverable D5.1, METIS document number ICT-317669/D5.1, Aug. 2013.