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Intranets: A New Dimension for Library Services
DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology (2004)
  • Bhojaraju Gunjal
DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology, Vol. 24, No.1, January 2004, pp. 9-15

This article is based on the some practical experiences of Indian Rubber 
Manufacturing Research Association (IRMRA). It gives brief introduction about the intranet, 
controversies of an intranet, and its library applications. It also gives information about 
accessing management information, improving internal communications, e-mail, intra mail, 
collaborative working, communities of interests, discussion groups, electronic forms, internal 
newsletters, search facilities, training materials, and library applications/access.
The use of intranet in providing library services like SDI, CAS and other information management is
explained with a schematic diagram.
  • Intranets,
  • Library Services
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Bhojaraju Gunjal. "Intranets: A New Dimension for Library Services" DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology Vol. 24 Iss. 1 (2004)
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