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Unpublished Paper
Brownfields Neighborhood Revitalization
Resource Paper Series (2002)
  • Bhavna Shamasunder, Occidental College

Brownfields issues are significant points of advocacy and activism for creating substantial social change in low-income communitites. The authors identify key environmental justice issues present in the brownfields debate; provide an overview of existing laws, regulations, and policies that are currently in place to address brownfields contamination and revitalization; discuss the effectiveness of these current strategies; discuss emerging and potential innovative strategies for brownfields revitalization, and provide a set of "best practices" and resources that are being developed nationally to address brownfields in low-income communities and communities of color.

Publication Date
Fall October 23, 2002
Citation Information
Bhavna Shamasunder. "Brownfields Neighborhood Revitalization" Resource Paper Series (2002)
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