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Influence of Limited Soil Improvement on Lateral Pile Stiffness
GeoDenver 2007 - Soil Improvement (2007)
  • T. J. Weaver, University of Idaho
  • B. Chittoori, University of Texas at Arlington
A series of p-y and elastic 3-D finite element analyses have been performed to investigate the influence of limited soil improvement on lateral pile stiffness at soft soil sites. The purpose of the analyses is to provide guidance on the depth and lateral extent of soil improvement and improved soil properties required to significantly increase lateral pile stiffness. Modeled soil improvement methods consisted of treating the soft clay with cement and removal and replacement with dense cohesionless fill. Analyses with cement treated clay show lateral pile stiffness increased 2 times with a treated soil modulus 5 times greater than the soft soil and a depth and lateral extent of improvement of 2 and 5 pile diameters, respectively. Analyses with the dense cohesionless fill indicate an increase of lateral pile stiffness of at least 2 times requires a depth and lateral extent of soil improvement of 5 and 10 pile diameters, respectively. Limited soil improvement appears to be an economically viable option for improving foundation performance.
  • Soil stabilization,
  • Piles,
  • Stiffness,
  • Finite element method,
  • Soft soils
Publication Date
V.R. Schaefer, G.M. Filz, P.M. Gallagher, A.L. Sehn, and K.J. Wissmann
American Society of Civil Enginners
Citation Information
T. J. Weaver and B. Chittoori. "Influence of Limited Soil Improvement on Lateral Pile Stiffness" RestonGeoDenver 2007 - Soil Improvement (2007) p. 1 - 10
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