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About Bharath Sriraman

Bharath Sriraman is Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and also on the Faculty and Advisory Board of Central/SW Asian Studies at The University of Montana, where he occasionally offers courses on Indo-Iranian studies and languages. He lives in Western Montana byway of the merchant marine; Alaska (B.S in mathematics, University of Alaska- Fairbanks) and Northern Illinois (M.S & PhD in mathematics, minor in mathematics education). He comes from a background of one interested in linguistics and comparative philosophy accidentally turning to mathematics as an easy route to academic degrees, who later “found” himself in mathematics education as a result of teaching in U.S public schools. He maintains an active interest in mathematics education, educational philosophy, history and philosophy of mathematics and science, creativity; innovation and talent development; gender studies; and political and social justice dimensions of education. He has published over 300+ journal articles, commentaries, book chapters, edited books and reviews in his areas of interest., and presented over 150+ papers at international conferences, symposia and invited colloquiua. For a full list visit
Bharath is the founding editor of The Mathematics Enthusiast and the Montana Mathematics Enthusiast-Monograph Series in Mathematics Education.He is the Co-Series Editor of Advances in Mathematics Education (Springer Berlin/Heidelberg) and serves on the editorial panel of ZDM-The International Journal on Mathematics Education, as Consulting Editor of Interchange: A Quarterly Review of Education, and the Associate Editor of Mathematical Thinking and Learning: An International Journal. Besides serving on the editorial boards of a dozen or so journals, other significant editorial roles include being an Associate Editor of The Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education (2nd edition) published by Taylor and Francis in 2009, serving on the editorial board of the Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent, and presently serving on the editorial board of The Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education.
Bharath is more or less fluent in 7-9 languages [English, German, Farsi, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, basic French and Danish] and travels/holds active ties with researchers in australia, north/south america, the nordic world, central sw asia, and the mediterranean basin. He received the 2002 NAGC Outstanding Brief of the Year Award, was nominated for the 2006 and 2007 NAGC Early Career Scholar Award, was named the 2007 Outstanding Early Scholar by the School Science and Mathematics Association. In 2009, Northern Illinois University named him as one of 50 "Golden alumni" in the last 50 years for his significant contributions to research in mathematics education, gifted education and interdisciplinary research at the intersection of mathematics-science-arts. Additional information at


Present Faculty Member, University of Montana, Missoula