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The Skin I'm In
  • Broderick Fox, Occidental College
Feature Documentary: 86 minutes. & associated Web Initiative. 

In 2005, filmmaker Broderick Fox was found on the Berlin subway tracks with his head split open and a lethal blood alcohol level of 0.47. Strangers pulled him to safety, giving him a second chance at life and propelling him on a global journey to explore the limits of body, mind, spirit and art. Spanning Germany, Canada, Japan, Kenya, and the United States, Fox’s journey includes collaborations with Canadian First-Nations artist Rande Cook and African-American artist Zulu, who help him memorialize his experiences in a full back tattoo. In our digital age where personal confession and self-exposure abound, Fox instead transforms his experiences into art, making a film that is both innovative and accessible. 

“Gory detail after crazy event is unspooled before our eyes, and like good voyeurs we gobble it up breathlessly awaiting the next barking mad beat that, in his rendering, becomes completely normal… This is a documentary that will be talked about!” –Laura K. Marsh, Santa Fe Film Festival 

DISTRIBUTION: Available on the academic streaming platform Kanopy and a number of other platforms.

AWARDS & GRANTS: Best Feature and Best of Fest Awards—Tattoo Arts Film Festival—2015 Juror’s Pick—Victoria International Film Festival—2013 Special Jury Prize, Arizona International Film Festival—2012 Aloha Accolade Winner, Honolulu Film Awards—2012 Best Documentary Score Finalist, Park City Film Music Festival—2012 CCI Creative Capacity Fund Grant—2012 Center for Cultural Innovation Investing in Artists grant for “Artistic Innovation” (one of 13 awarded California artists)—2011. Occidental College Faculty Enrichment Grant—2011 

SCREENINGS: Tattoo Arts Film Festival (Opening Night Film)—Saskatchewan, Canada, April 2015 Los Angeles Filmforum—Los Angeles, October, 2013 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival—Miami, May 2013 Fairytales—Calgary, Ontario, Canada May 2013 Victoria Film Festival—Victoria BC, Canada, Febrary 2013 Visible Evidence XIX—Canberra, Australia, December 2012 Santa Fe Film Festival—Sant Fe, December, 2012 Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival—Albuquerque, September 2012 DMZ DOCS—Korean DMZ, September 2012 (World Vision Program) Park City Music Film Festival—Park City, May 2012 Out Takes New Zealand—Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand, May 2012 Arizona International Film Festival—Tucson, April 2012 Cinematheque 108—USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, April 2012 Byron Bay International Film Festival—Byron Bay, Australia, March 2012 

DISTRIBUTION: Fandor Streaming Release April, 2014 (Curated selection) Global Digital Release October, 2013 (iTunes & Google Play via distributor The Orchard)
  • Documentary,
  • autobiography,
  • tattooing,
  • transnationality,
  • Kwagulith,
  • First Nations,
  • performativity,
  • Broderick Fox,
  • Rande Cook,
  • Zulu
Publication Date
Winter March 8, 2012
Citation Information
Broderick Fox. "The Skin I'm In" (2012)
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