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love, death, & cars
  • Broderick Fox, Occidental College
Fiction Film: 20 minutes In Los Angeles, Max and Haley go to a reading and book signing of Kyle’s, an old friend of Max's from New York. Through flashbacks and conversations, we learn that they were more than casual friends, and Kyle's reappearance throws Haley and Max's relationship into question. Central to the two men's history was a Grand Canyon trip some years before. Max may need to travel that road again with renewed honesty if he's to sort out his life's conflicts and contradictions. DISTRIBUTION: International DVD Release: First Out 2—Village Lighthouse Entertainment, Spring 2008 BROADCAST/STREAMING: PBS Broadcast—KQED San Francisco, Fall 2000 Atom Films—online streaming video exhibition, 2000-2005 AWARDS: Best Actor Nomination—John Fairlie, Online Movie Awards, Los Angeles, September 2001 Best Actress Nomination—Michelle Beauchamp, Online Movie Awards, Los Angeles, Sept. 2001 Picture Nomination— Online Movie Awards, Los Angeles, September 2001 SCREENINGS: Harvard Film Festival—Cambridge, March 2009 Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus 25th Anniversary Film Festival—Cambridge, October 2008 Indianapolis Gay and Lesbian Film Festival—Indianapolis, September 2001 Northhampton Film Festival—Northhampton, November 1999 First Look Film Festival—Los Angeles, October 1999
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Broderick Fox. "love, death, & cars" (1999)
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