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I knew him…
  • Broderick Fox, Occidental College
Digital Video, Experimental Fiction—A two-minute video produced for a cash outlay of $32 that pushes our preconceptions about rape and sexual assault. DISTRIBUTION: National online campaign usage by the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN) to raise awareness around a revamped male sexual assault education campaign in light of the U.S. Department of Justice’s gender-neutral redefinition of rape—January, 2012-present HONORS: Finalist, Iris International Film Prize—October 2007 SCREENINGS: Freewaves Archive—Streaming online at, January 2009-present L.A. Freewaves—Los Angeles, November 2008 Artivist Film Festival—London, England, December 2007 Artivist Film Festival—Lisbon, Portugal, December 2007 Artivist Film Festival—Los Angeles, November 2007 MIX New York Experimental Festival—New York, November 2007 Iris International Film Festival—Cardiff, Wales, October 2007 Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival—Austin, September 2007
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Broderick Fox. "I knew him…" (2007)
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