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Shooting Pains: Addressing Illness-Related Pain through Video Autobiography
Probing the Boundaries (2010)
  • Broderick Fox, Occidental College
This paper examines autobiographical videos and emergent uses of social software sites such as YouTube to explore the possibilities of first-person media as a pain management tool. Beyond the therapeutic possibilities, the paper also explores the potential of such personal media acts as a means of breaking down taboos around pain and illness – offering up models for managing, discussing, and even ‘performing’ pain in the public sphere.
  • Video diary,
  • autobiography,
  • performativity,
  • social media,
  • vlog,
  • pain diary,
  • pain management,
  • illness,
  • digital democracy,
  • public sphere.
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Broderick Fox. “Shooting Pains: Addressing Illness-Related Pain Through Video Autobiography,” Making Sense of Pain: Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Jane Fernandez ed., Probing the Boundaries (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press) 249-257, 2010.