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Journals Under Attack: Faculty and Researchers' Creative Solutions to Access Problems (or, Theft is the answer. What was the question?)
Proceedings of the ACRL 8th National Conference,
  • Judith Johnson, Utah State University
  • Betty Rozum, Utah State University
Document Type
Conference Paper
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Escalating journal subscription costs and concurrent library and institutional budget cuts have precipitated the cancellation of journal subscriptions by many research and academic libraries. How does the faculty and research community obtain the information no longer provided for them by their university libraries? Resource sharing among libraries has been a traditional solution to this dilemma, but is not the only solution employed by researchers and faculty. Part of a study conducted at Utah State University (USU) examines the methods faculty and researchers use to obtain access to materials not held by the University Libraries, focusing on identifying unique or unconventional methods of access already in place that might be developed for broader, more efficient use of institutional resources.


Published by the Association of College and Research Libraries and freely available online through their website. PDF of publisher version available for download through link above.

Citation Information
Johnson, J., & Rozum, B. (1997). Journals under attack: faculty and researchers’ creative solutions to access problems (or, if theft is the answer, what was the question?). In Proceedings of the ACRL 8th National Conference. Presented at the ACRL National Conference, Nashville, TN.