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Digital Badges: A Tool for Embedded Library Instruction
Online Northwest
  • Emily Ford, Portland State University
  • Betty Izumi, Portland State University
  • Jost Lottes, Portland State University
  • Dawn M. Richardson, Portland State University
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Conference Track

Digital badges, much like embroidered scouting badges, signify an earner’s skills. In higher education educators are using badges to certify student achievements. Badges communicate to students, faculty, and the public what skills students earn during their course of study much better than can a letter grade, certificate, or diploma. This session will begin with a theoretical background informing badging including: gamification, motivation, neoliberalization of education, technological innovation, and competency-based curriculum. Next we will discuss how our team --three Community Health professors and one librarian from Portland State University -- embedded badges for information literacy into three undergraduate Community Health courses during Fall 2014. Finally, we will present what we learned from the experience. By discussing our learning outcomes-based approach to instructional design, “how tos” of implementing badge technology, and discussing lessons learned, session attendees will discover ways to approach and implement badges at their home institutions.

Start Date
13-2-2015 10:10 AM
End Date
13-2-2015 10:55 AM
Persistent Identifier
  • Digital badges,
  • Rewards and punishments in education -- Case studies,
  • Educational innovations,
  • Information literacy
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Emily Ford, Betty Izumi, Jost Lottes and Dawn M. Richardson. "Digital Badges: A Tool for Embedded Library Instruction" (2015)
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