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Alternative Literature and Tourist Experience: Travel and Tourist Weblogs
Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change (2004)
  • Betsy A. Pudliner, Eastern Illinois University

Alternative Literature and Tourist Experience: Travel and Tourist Weblogs

Pudliner, Betsy. A. - University of Strathcylde, UK

Travel blogging is journaling and storytelling in a modern form. In the past tourism was considered a luxury of a few select people. Travel narratives were published and publicized in the form of brochures, monologues, newspaper accounts, novellas, novels, sketches, and paintings. As the world evolved and travel became available to greater groups in society, these written staples captivated and inspired generations. Many wrote and published their own accounts. The later part of the 20th century has ear marked the coming of age of Internet technology (NET) and traditional forms of tourist communication are being transformed into a more modern electronic version. The NET is a modern library repository of literary works. On any day one can read a multitude of excerpts of Defoe, Johnson, Burns, Scott, Coleridge, or Twain on the Web. They can plunge into the world of Austen, the Bronte sisters, or Dickens. Or even my own niche on the web; a space devoted to my travels and experiences around Scotland during my tenure as a tourism researcher. The NET has fostered a recent resurgence in journaling of travel adventures. More and more tourists are self-publishing their own experiences in the form of weblogs. The blogs are a visual and written descriptive of the day to day excursion of a tourist society. Destination marketing organizations are utilizing these modern tools to bring the modern experience to life for the casual web surfer in the hopes of enticing a new generation of explorers. The purpose of this paper is to uncover and evaluate this form of narrative in a modern age. The researcher as ethnographer and story teller hopes to convey an understanding of this use of alternative forms of literature and tourist experiences by examining the use of traditional and modern forms of communication.

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  • travel,
  • tourism,
  • weblogs,
  • alternative literature,
  • tourist weblogs,
  • journaling,
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