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Unpublished Paper
Service Quality, Relationship Building and Innovative Technologies in the Scottish Tourism Industry
  • Betsy A. Pudliner, Eastern Illinois University

In today's post-modern society, service takes greater meaning with the application of innovative technologies. In particular, historical and cultural service attitudes are renewed and easily expressed with the use of lnternet and World Wide Web applications. The Scottish tourism industry is viewed as a highly developed and fragmented economy. The foundations of tourism are in the small, family owned operations. Small businesses extend traditional alignment with destination marketing organizations with smaller, local virtual communities to capture and retain revenues. Consistency, in the delivery of quality experiences, is seen as a positive outcome with virtual community building. This paper describes research on how co-operative and collaborative relationship building is enhanced with technology in the Scottish tourism industry. There were four assumptions that directed the research: a) providers derive mutual value from partnerships, b) there is some demonstrated value derived from collaboration in aligning information of product and services, c) sustainability is created and/or enhanced with the creation of an extensive virtual information infrastructure due to the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships, and d) marketing efforts and e-branding are enhanced with relationship building. The researcher primarily employed a qualitative nature of inquiry, applying inductive reasoning. The researcher employed actionalism as an epistemology stance. Actionalism is the issue of belief that humans are active participants in their lives and possess maximizing goal-oriented behaviors. These behaviors were described with the application of nomothetic explanation.

  • Scotland,
  • Scottish tourism,
  • Service Quality,
  • Innovative Technology,
  • Relationship Building,
  • Web 2.0 Technology,
  • Quality,
  • Tourism,
  • Hospitality,
  • Small Business Enterprises
Publication Date
Citation Information
May, 2008: 3rd International Conference on Services Management, University Park, PA Paper Presentation: Service Quality, Relationship Building and Innovative Technologies in the Scottish Tourism Industry