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Social media as an Educational Tool in University Level Geography
Teaching Innovation Projects
  • Elizabeth Hundey, Western University
Social media is not a passing fad—it is a new, versatile way of both information gathering and production. It is broadly defined as “networked tools that emphasize the social aspect of the Internet for communication, collaboration and creative expression” (Dabbagh & Kitsantas, 2012). Although many courses have online components (e.g. WebCT or other learning management systems), it is arguable that we as educators are not taking advantage of mainstream (i.e. applications and sites that are not education specific) social media to its full potential in the classroom. This short paper offers an outline of a seminar discussing the uses of social media—such as web logs and Twitter—in the university geography classroom. Lessons learned in the geography context can be extrapolated to many other disciplines.
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Elizabeth Hundey. "Social media as an Educational Tool in University Level Geography"
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