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The Writing is on the Wall: Using Padlet for Whole-Class Engagement
LOEX 2014 Conference (2014)
  • Beth Fuchs, University of Kentucky
Peer learning and class participation are essential components of the active learning classroom, so what can you do to promote full student engagement with your tried-and-true activities in a once-and-done information literacy session? Take them to the wall! Padlet ( provides a free, multimedia-friendly wall which can be used to encourage real-time, whole-class participation and assessment. No special equipment or technical know-how required. Find out how one librarian has used Padlet to help students create memorable, collaborative artifacts of classroom learning experiences. This is student engagement as scholarly graffiti. Banksy, watch out!
  • Be able to contribute to a Padlet wall in order to have a better understanding of the technology’s capabilities through direct individual experience
  • Be able to explain the benefits and risks of using real-time participatory technology to enhance student engagement in order to evaluate its potential for use in their own classes
  • Be able to identify at least 3 instructional situations where Padlet can be used in order to explore its use in a classroom setting

  • Padlet,
  • Whole-class engagement,
  • Peer learning,
  • Class participation,
  • Active learning,
  • Information literacy,
  • Teaching
Publication Date
May 9, 2014
A presentation and interactive workshop at the LOEX 2014 Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.
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Citation Information
Beth Fuchs. "The Writing is on the Wall: Using Padlet for Whole-Class Engagement" LOEX 2014 Conference (2014)
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