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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: An Evaluation Tool Kit
Social Work Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Kathy S. Hepburn, Georgetown University
  • Roxane K. Kaufmann, Georgetown University
  • Deborah F. Perry
  • Mary Dallas Allen, Portland State University
  • Eileen M. Brennan, Portland State University
  • Beth L. Green, NPC Research
Document Type
Technical Report
Publication Date
  • Mental illness -- Prevention,
  • Child psychiatry,
  • Mental health consultation,
  • Child mental health services

For states, communities, agencies and programs investing in early childhood mental health consultation and committed to quality data. This web-based resource combines a brief review of the literature and current research addressing the effectiveness of early childhood mental health consultation with guidance for designing and implementing program evaluation. It will help states, communities, and programs increase their capacity for high-quality evaluation of early childhood mental health consultation in community-based settings. Researchers, policy makers and program evaluation teams will find: A brief review of the evidence base, current issues, and questions; Defining characteristics of early childhood mental health consultation; Components of high quality evaluation and sample logic models; Evaluation tools to measure both process and outcome, including outcomes for children, families, staff and programs; and Guidance for using evaluation data for program improvement and communicating outcomes.


The views, policies, and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of SAMHSA, HHS, NIDRR, or DOE

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Hepburn, K. S., Kaufmann, R. K., Perry, D. F., Allen, M. D., Brennan, E. M., & Green, B. L. (2007). Early childhood mental health consultation: An evaluation tool kit. Washington, DC: Georgetown University, Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health; Johns Hopkins University, Women's and Children's Health Policy Center; and Portland State University, Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children's Mental Health.