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About Victor Nguyen

Everything that a person does is guided and supported by rules. All aspects of one's life include certain rules, formal or informal, that can help you know how to act in a certain situation. The activity where the importance of existing rules is most visible for us all is sports and if you want to practice a certain sport, then a person needs to learn its basic rules. Ping pong is such a sport and the rules of playing grow in importance as you tend to play to a more professional level.
When playing at the quality table tennis table, like for example a Donic table or any other professional table, you have rules. Here are the reasons why they are important:

1. They are there to prevent accidents 
Just like in any other sports one can get hurt at the ping table, that is you can slip, stretch too much and tear a muscle or get some bruises from holding your paddle incorrectly.

2. They make the ping pong game a competition 
It would be very strange if people were to play with their own rules, without even knowing his opponent's opinion. When playing at a professional table, for instance a Donic, people can compare their performance because they are playing by the same rules.

3. They make the difference between the players 
When a person is playing by the same rules, mostly those rules referring to the serves and strokes in ping pong, he/she can either grasp them fast and understand how helpful they can be in that sport or be a bit slower and get to the professional level later.
The rules of table tennis are important to learn and use. Even if you do not win your matches at first, keep putting the rules on serves and strokes especially into practice and be perseverant.


Present Industry Professional, Golden Gate University School of Law


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