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Electron-Hole Droplets in Germanium in the High Stress Limit
Solid State Communications (1977)
  • Bernard J. Feldman, University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • H.-h. Chou, Northwestern University
  • George K. Wong, Northwestern University
We have observed electron-hole droplets in germanium stressed uniformly in the <111> direction to the high stress limit. The measured values of the density, binding energy and phase diagram are in good agreement with theoretical calculations.
Publication Date
January 11, 1977
Citation Information
Bernard J. Feldman, H.-h. Chou and George K. Wong. "Electron-Hole Droplets in Germanium in the High Stress Limit" Solid State Communications Vol. 24 Iss. 8 (1977) p. 521 - 523
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