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Photoluminescence in liquid phase epitaxially grown Hg0.3Cd0.7Te
Journal of Applied Physics (1984)
  • Bernard J. Feldman, University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • J. Bajaj, Rockwell International
  • S. H. Shin, Rockwell International
The photoluminescence spectra of liquid phase epitaxially (LPE) grown Hg0.3Cd0.7Te and its CdTe substrate have been measured. The CdTe spectra consist of two band‐edge sets of lines, B and C, while the Hg0.3Cd0.7Te spectra consist of one set of lines, A. From the temperature dependence of both the integrated intensity and peak position, we determined that the A line is unrelated to the C line but is very possibly related to the B line. The B line in CdTe is due to recombination of electrons and holes bound to a neutral donor. This suggests that the same neutral donor may be present in both materials, whereas the impurity or defect responsible for the C line in CdTe is undetectable in LPE‐grown Hg0.3Cd0.7Te.
Publication Date
May 15, 1984
Citation Information
Bernard J. Feldman, J. Bajaj and S. H. Shin. "Photoluminescence in liquid phase epitaxially grown Hg0.3Cd0.7Te" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 55 Iss. 10 (1984) p. 3873 - 3875
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