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CdTe photoluminescence in HgTe‐CdTe superlattices
Journal of Applied Physics (1987)
  • Bernard J. Feldman, University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • M. L. Wroge
  • D. J. Leopold
We report photoluminescence in HgTe‐CdTe superlattices that originates in the CdTe layers. We see a near‐band‐gap line at 1.493 eV, which demonstrates that strain and Hg‐Cd substitutional diffusion are small in the CdTe layers. In addition, a deep‐level line at 0.775 eV, possibly due to recombination along dislocation lines, is observed.
Publication Date
August 15, 1987
Citation Information
Bernard J. Feldman, M. L. Wroge and D. J. Leopold. "CdTe photoluminescence in HgTe‐CdTe superlattices" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 62 Iss. 4 (1987) p. 1516 - 1518
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