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Influence of Microstructure on Thermoelastic Wave Propagation
Acta Mechanica
  • Arkadi Berezovski, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Mihhail Berezovski, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Daytona Beach
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Numerical simulations of the thermoelastic response of a microstructured material on a thermal loading are performed in the one-dimensional setting to examine the influence of temperature gradient effects at the microstructure level predicted by the thermoelastic description of microstructured solids (Berezovski et al. in J. Therm. Stress. 34:413–430, 2011). The system of equations consisting of a hyperbolic equation of motion, a parabolic macroscopic heat conduction equation, and a hyperbolic evolution equation for the microtemperature is solved by a finite-volume numerical scheme. Effects of microtemperature gradients exhibit themselves on the macrolevel due to the coupling of equations of the macromotion and evolution equations for macro- and microtemperatures.

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Dr. Mihhail Berezovski was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this paper was published.

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Arkadi Berezovski and Mihhail Berezovski. "Influence of Microstructure on Thermoelastic Wave Propagation" Acta Mechanica Vol. 224 Iss. 11 (2013) p. 2623 - 2633
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