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Full Field Computing for Elastic Pulse Dispersion in Inhomogeneous Bars
Composite Structures
  • A. Berezovski, Tallinn University of Technology
  • R. Kolman, The Czech Academy of Sciences
  • M. Berezovski, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • D. Gabriel, The Czech Academy of Sciences
  • V. Adamek, New Technologies for the Information Society
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Daytona Beach
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In the paper, the finite element method and the finite volume method are used in parallel for the simulation of a pulse propagation in periodically layered composites beyond the validity of homogenization methods. The direct numerical integration of a pulse propagation demonstrates dispersion effects and dynamic stress redistribution in physical space on example of a one-dimensional layered bar. Results of numerical simulations are compared with analytical solution constructed specifically for the considered problem. Analytical solution as well as numerical computations show the strong influence of the composition of constituents on the dispersion of a pulse in a heterogeneous bar and the equivalence of results obtained by two numerical methods.

Citation Information
Berezovski, A., Kolman, R., Berezovski, M., Gabriel, D., Adámek, V., Full field computing for elastic pulse dispersion in inhomogeneous bars, Composite Structures (2018), doi: