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New bepress Journal: Journal of Drug Policy Analysis
The Berkeley Electronic Press (2008)
  • Irene Perciali

The Berkeley Electronic Press is pleased to announce the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal on substance abuse control, policy, and health, Journal of Drug Policy Analysis. This is the 42nd bepress journal, and completes the ResearchNow 2009 collection that includes all 42 journals.

Journal of Drug Policy Analysis focuses on practical, policy-analytic insights on the problems and policies of drug abuse control. Short peer-reviewed articles and essays analyze every aspect of the policy problems posed by abusable psychoactives, licit and illicit, anywhere in the world. Using data-driven and conceptual approaches, as well as the methods of the social and biological sciences, the humanities, medicine, public health, law, law enforcement, and public management, the journal emphasizes informed policy analysis: the stakes in a given policy choice, and the terms of the tradeoffs among the values and interests in play.

Edited by prominent scholars at RAND and UCLA, Journal of Drug Policy Analysis drives the public and scholarly conversation about how to deal with the issues surrounding drug policy, a conversation of vital interest to drug policy researchers, criminologists, economists, physicians, and those who make decisions about drug policy.
Mark Kleiman (UCLA School of Public Affairs)
Beau Kilmer (RAND)

$325 for a one-year academic/non-profit subscription
$975 for a one-year corporate subscription

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Publication Date
October 30, 2008
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Irene Perciali. "New bepress Journal: Journal of Drug Policy Analysis" The Berkeley Electronic Press Vol. Journal Information (2008)
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