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EBAY’s Acquisition of Skype SA: Valuing the Voice of the Buyer
Communications of the Association for Information Systems
  • Sascha Vitzthum, Emory University
  • Benn Konsynski, Emory University
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This set of teaching cases deals with the surprising acquisition of VOIP provider Skype SA by e-commerce giant eBay in the fall of 2005. The initial case examines two distinct topics: First, it introduces VOIP technology and traces the development of commercial applications from 1995 to 2003. Second, it considers issues of strategic alignment by raising the question of whether eBay should have allied with or acquired Skype SA. The second case provides an epilogue set two years after the acquisition that examines the intermediate outcomes of the Skype integration.

Citation Information
Sascha Vitzthum and Benn Konsynski. "EBAY’s Acquisition of Skype SA: Valuing the Voice of the Buyer" (2009)
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