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SSRN as an Initial Revolution in Academic Knowledge Aggregation and Dissemination
Emory University (2008)
  • David A. Bray, National Defense University
  • Sascha Vitzthum, Emory University
  • Benn Konsynski, Emory University

Within this paper we consider our results of using the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) over a period of 18 months to distribute our working papers to the research community. Our experiences have been quite positive, with SSRN serving as a platform both to inform our colleagues about our research as well as inform us about related research (through email and telephoned conversations of colleagues who discovered our paper on SSRN). We then discuss potential future directions for SSRN to consider, and how SSRN might well represent an initial revolution in 21st century academic knowledge aggregation and dissemination. Our paper is intended to be a working paper on SSRN itself, for early comments and iterative improvements.

  • knowledge ecosystems,
  • attention spans,
  • attention economy,
  • organizational science,
  • social psychology,
  • publications,
  • recommendations,
  • market
Publication Date
January, 2008
Citation Information
David A. Bray, Sascha Vitzthum and Benn Konsynski. "SSRN as an Initial Revolution in Academic Knowledge Aggregation and Dissemination" Emory University (2008)
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