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Sermo: A Community-Based, Knowledge Ecosystem
OII DPSN Working Papers (2008)
  • David A. Bray, National Defense University
  • Karen Croxson, University of Oxford
  • William Dutton, University of Oxford
  • Benn Konsynski, Emory University

Our case study starts by describing the Sermo business model, the knowledge application, company financials, and potential indicators of success. Second, we examine the metrics behind the performance of Sermo and the challenges faced by its model. Third, we extend our inquiry to consider how Sermo demonstrates its value as and new ways an abstracted Sermo model could measure performance outcomes. Throughout our case study, we will attempt to link the findings of our investigation with relevant literature streams - thus situating an empirical investigation with extant literature and theory. We do this both to extend existing literature and to synthesize our findings with relevant research. We will conclude our case study by consider a emergent themes from this case that could have universal relevance to subsequent research and practitioner-related investigations.

  • distributed problem solving networks,
  • knowledge ecosystem,
  • organizational adaptedness,
  • knowledge cultivation
Publication Date
February, 2008
Citation Information
David A. Bray, Karen Croxson, William Dutton and Benn Konsynski. "Sermo: A Community-Based, Knowledge Ecosystem" OII DPSN Working Papers (2008)
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