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iOS Model Viewer
ME 557: Computer Graphics (2012)
  • Benjamin M. Sloan, Iowa State University
The OBJ model viewer for iOS was developed to enable an iPad to display and allow users to interact with a design as it was being three-dimensionally printed. Current iOS application restrict user interaction to a single still view or a slide show of still views. The iOS OBJ Loader was first attempted to be written in openGL es but a custom library ended being used called Nevenah to develop the application. In addition to interacting with the loaded model the users could also adjust the lighting to understand how the material reflected light and also load different models that were being considered. The program was needed for a design study relating to how the metaphors used in the design process affected the outcome of the design.
Publication Date
December, 2012
Citation Information
Benjamin M. Sloan. "iOS Model Viewer" ME 557: Computer Graphics (2012)
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