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About Benjamin M. Sloan

Benjamin Sloan is a graduate research assistant at Iowa State University focusing on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), digital manufacturing, rural energy in the developing world, and integrated computational environments. His current research looks at reducing the amount of computation time needed to determine accurate results from CFD. Ben also has a passion for research regarding rural energy use having both spent time on the ground in the developing world and conducted research about these problems. Additionally, Ben is fascinated about digital manufacturing spending significant time researching and working with three-dimensional printers in the Multiscale Design Studio. Finally, he spends time looking toward the future with the integrated computational environment. First defining the characteristics and then looking at the effects such an environment would have on design.
Ben has served as the Technical Area Organizer for Terrestrial Energy Systems at SciTech 2014. He also served as the assistant to the technical chair of IECEC 2013. He was a teaching assistant in the Fall of 2011 for the course Design for the Developing World where students developed and implemented solutions for rural energy issues.
Ben received his Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University in 2010 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. While at Iowa State Ben participated ME 389X which brought him to the West African of Mali where Ben researched wood use and implemented solar energy businesses. This experience also led him to pursue graduate school with Dr. Mark Bryden who formed the course. He will receive his Master of Science degree in the Fall of 2013 also in Mechanical Engineering.


January 2014 Present Product Manager, AgSolver
20112013 Graduate Research Assistant, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University

Research Interests

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Digital manufacturing, Rural energy in the developing world, and Integrated computational environments


20112013 MS, Iowa State University
20062010 BS, Iowa State University ‐ Department of Mechanical Engineering

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