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Civil Procedure for All States: A Context and Practice Casebook
  • Benjamin V Madison, III
The casebook forms part of the "Context and Practice" casebook series, edited by Michael Hunter Schwartz and Gerald Hess. The casebooks integrate the method of teachin advocated by the Carnegie Insitute's EDUCATING LAWYERS (2007) and the Clinical Legal Education Association's BEST PRACTICES FOR LEGAL EDUCATION (2007). Thus, the casebooks include not only traditional case material in which students learn legal doctrine (in this case, federal and state pretrial practice and procedure), but also exercise in each chapter for the professor to employ experiential and skills learning, and exercises in each chapter in which students engage in questions of professional identity formation, often not explicitly governed by a Model Rule of Professional Conduct but in the gray areas in which lawyers must rely on their values and principles to reach decisions on issues of sensitive ethical and moral judgment. The casebook and teachers' manual demonstrate how the learning of the doctrine, the practical learning experiences and exercises, and professional identity formation develop throughout the course. The casebook and teacher's manual also demonstrate how these different apprenticeships---the cognitive apprenticeship, the skills apprenticeship, and the professional identity apprenticeship--often overlap and provide educators the opportunity to teach students in ways that are cutting edge, interesting to the students, and vital to their development for law practice. For his work on this casebook, and the courses he has taught over the last several years using it, Professor Madison was elected a Fellow of Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers, an Initiative of the Association for the Advancement of the American Legal System, see
Publication Date
Summer 2010
Micahel Hunter Schwartz
Carolina Academic press
Publisher Statement
A description of the book may be found at,-III The author and the publisher share the copyright.
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Benjamin V Madison, III. Civil Procedure for All States: A Context and Practice Casebook. Durham, NC(2010)
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