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Preparing Rural Distance Education Preservice Special Educators to Succeed
Rural Special Education Quarterly
  • R. Menlove
  • Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft, Utah State University
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A growing number of students living in rural communities access special education teacher preparation and professional development courses via technology-delivered distance education. Success in these courses depends on the effective use of technology to access information and course materials, complete and submit assignments, and communicate with instructors and classmates. To increase the likelihood that distance education students would have the needed technology skills to succeed as distance learners, program supports were implemented. Supports included a precourse distance learning workshop, on-line technology help files, and access to a technology assistant. Results indicated that student confidence improved in the use of technology skills addressed in the precourse workshop and practiced during the following semester.

Originally published by the American Council on Rural Special Education.

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Menlove, R. & Lignugaris/Kraft, B. (2004). Preparing Rural Distance Education Preservice Special Educators to Succeed. Rural Special Education Quarterly. 23(2), 18-26.