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The Effects of Choice on Assignment Completion and Percent Correct by a High School Student with a Learning Disability
Education and Treatment of Children
  • D. Stenhoff
  • B. J. Davey
  • Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft, Utah State University
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The effects of choosing between two academic assignments on task completion and percent correct by a ninth grade student with a learning disability was investigated. This case study extended the efficacy of antecedent based intervention as an instructional modification. Further, the study extends previous research by investigating the effect of choice on academic achievement. The withdrawal design showed that percent completed and correct were highest when the participant was given a choice between two assignments when compared to baseline conditions. Results are discussed in term of efficacy of choice as an antecedent intervention, choice selection, and future research directions.


Originally published by the West Virginia University Press.

Citation Information
Stenhoff, D., Davey, B. J., & Lignugaris/Kraft, B., (2008). The effects of choice on assignment completion and percent correct by a high school student with a learning disability. Education and Treatment of Children, 31, 203-211.