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Social Interpersonal Skills of Handicapped and Nonhandicapped Adults at Work
Journal of Employment Counseling
  • Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft, Utah State University
  • S. Rule
  • Charles L. Salzberg, Utah State University
  • J. J. Stowitschek
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American Counseling Association
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The pattern and content of social interactions of successful handicapped and nonhandicapped employees were observed in two employment settings. Data suggest that both groups were active social interactants who frequently worked cooperatively, yet interacted relatively infrequently with their supervisors. Implications for future research are discussed.


Reprinted from the Journal of Employment Counseling, Volume 24, March 1986 page 20. © 1986 The American Counseling Association. Reprinted with permission. No further reproduction authorized without written permission from the American Counseling Association.

Citation Information
Lignugaris/Kraft, B., Rule, S., Salzberg, C. L., & Stowitschek, J. J. (1986). Social interpersonal skills of handicapped and nonhandicapped adults at work. Journal of Employment Counseling, 23(1), 20-31.