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Using Web-Mediated Experiential Case-Based Instruction to Teach Functional Behavioral Assessment Skills
Teacher Education and Special Education
  • S. S. Pindiprolu
  • S. M. Peterson
  • S. Rule
  • Benjamin Lignugaris / Kraft, Utah State University
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This article describes three Web-mediated experiential case strategies employed with preservice teachers to facilitate practice of functional behavioral assessment skills. A pre-posttest group experimental design was used to examine the effects of three case-based teaching tactics on students' knowledge and application of information to conduct functional assessments. The results suggested that the three teaching tactics were equally effective in facilitating the application of functional behavioral assessment skills. However, there were some differences in the students' perceptions about the relevance and meaningfulness of their experiences as a means to teach functional assessment skills. Technology issues and other variables that could have influenced the results are discussed.


Originally published by SAGE Publications.

Publisher’s PDF available to USU students and faculty through remote link.

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Pindiprolu, S. S., Peterson, S. M., Rule, S., & Lignugaris/Kraft, B. (2003). Using web-mediated experiential case-based instruction to teach functional behavioral assessment skills. Teacher Education and Special Education, 26(1), 1-17.