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Evidence: A Canadian Casebook, 4th Edition
  • Hamish Stewart
  • Benjamin Berger, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
  • Emma Cunliffe
  • Ronalda Murphy
  • Steven Penney
Designed to meet the needs of second-year and third-year courses in evidence, Evidence: A Canadian Casebook, 4th Edition investigates the rules and principles that govern how facts are established in legal proceedings. Helps instructors bridge the gap between evidence law in theory and in practice, giving students a deeper sense of the methodology that informs all evidence analysis, and brings new emphasis to the operation of evidence law within the broader social context. The casebook focuses on the core of the law of evidence, and aims to equip students not only to understand the law of evidence as it stands today, but also to adapt and respond to the change and reform that is a constant feature of the law of evidence. Provides expanded discussion in all areas of evidence law, and especially with respect to the exclusionary rule, expert evidence, witness credibility, character evidence, privilege, and formal admissions. New Supreme Court of Canada cases excerpted in the fourth edition include R v Baldree (2013) on hearsay, R v NS (2012) on credibility, R v Hart (2014) on Mr. Big confessions, and Union Carbide Canada Inc v Bombardier Inc (2014) on privilege.
Publication Date
Emond Montgomery Publications
  • Evidence (Law),
  • Canada
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Hamish Stewart, Benjamin Berger, Emma Cunliffe, Ronalda Murphy, et al.. Evidence: A Canadian Casebook, 4th Edition. Toronto(2016)
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