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Duality in Property: Commons and Anticommons
International Review of Law and Economics (2006)
  • Norbert Schulz
  • Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota
  • Ben Depoorter
Commons and Anticommons problems are the consequence of symmetric structural departures from a unified conception of property. In this paper, we endeavor to provide a dual model of property, where commons and anticommons problems are the consequence of a lack of conformity between use and exclusion rights. The general model is then extended to consider the different equilibria obtained under vertical and horizontal cases of property fragmentation. The paper concludes formulating a hypothesis of legal rules for promoting unity in property.
  • commons,
  • anticommons
Publication Date
October, 2006
Citation Information
Norbert Schulz, Francesco Parisi and Ben Depoorter. "Duality in Property: Commons and Anticommons" International Review of Law and Economics Vol. 25 Iss. 4 (2006)
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