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It's Just a Little Too Human: Questions of Vocation
Child & Youth Services (2008)
  • Ben Anderson-Nathe, Portland State University

Among youth workers who experience moments of not-knowing what to do, many often describe their thoughts and reactions to the phenomenon in vocational and existential terms. They ask what right they have to work in the helping professions if they find themselves simply unable to be helpful. In many cases, the vocational crises following experiences of not-knowing contribute to burnout and youth workers' decisions to leave the field altogether. This chapter describes the fourth of five themes associated with youth workers' experiences of not knowing what to do: questions of vocation. In addition to presenting the dominant theme, this chapter discusses the three variations on it, as described by youth worker participants: (a) What am I supposed to do? (b) Who am I to deal with this? and (c) Maybe the problem is me.

  • Social service -- Research -- Methodology,
  • Social work with youth -- United States
Publication Date
September 7, 2008
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Copyright (2008) Taylor & Francis
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Ben Anderson-Nathe. "It's Just a Little Too Human: Questions of Vocation" Child & Youth Services Vol. 30 Iss. 1-2 (2008)
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