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Educational Opportunities: A Nursing School Model for Medical Special-Needs Sheltering
Nurse Educator (2010)
  • Dr. Belinda J. Deal, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Danita Alfred
  • Rebecca Fountain, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Terri Ford
  • Jennifer Chilton
The devastation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina increased the awareness of persons who were unable to self-evacuate because of physical and/or mental disabilities. From that awareness, plans emerged to provide a safe haven for those who had special needs. In this article, we describe our efforts as a school of nursing to shelter medical special needs (MSN) evacuees in the wake of a hurricane. After the shelter closed, faculty and students involved in the shelter answered a short survey that included both open- and close-ended questions. The responses are summarized to encourage other schools of nursing to consider caring for MSN evacuees and to share our successes, our failures, and our plans for the future.
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
First published in Nurse Educator.
Citation Information
Deal, B., Alfred, D., Fountain, R. A., Ford, T., & Chilton, J. (2010). Educational Opportunities: A Nursing School Model for Medical Special Needs Sheltering. Nurse Educator, 3(35), 122–126.