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Overview of the core changes in the new Ethiopian urban land leasehold legislation
Mizan Law Review (2011)
  • Belachew M Fikre
Rural land administration has shown a significant improvement, inter alia, due to the implementation of the possession certification process. Whether or not this process of certification would bring the desired goal of 'sustainably conserving and developing natural resources and pass over to the coming generation through the development and implementation of a sustainable rural land use planning' is yet to be seen. This progress in the rural land administration is not matched by the urban land holding system. It is rather perplexing that the total houses in Addis Ababa without title deeds are more than the ones with title deeds. Current efforts towards the issuance of title deeds are expected to address this gap. Moreover, the urban land holding system is far from being uniform. Amidst such murky situation exists a steadily rising 'political economy' of rent seeking behaviour that has given rise to a number of millionaires with a capacity to easily navigate through the system to their profiteering advantage. That, among other things, is what the new legislation avows to tackle. This comment is meant to highlight the main changes introduced by the amendment proclamation.
  • Ethiopia's new urban land lease law; legislation; lease price; lease period
Publication Date
Winter December, 2011
Citation Information
Belachew M Fikre. "Overview of the core changes in the new Ethiopian urban land leasehold legislation" Mizan Law Review Vol. 5 Iss. 2 (2011)
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