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The prereversal enhancement of thezonal electric field in the equatorial ionosphere
Journal of Geophysical Research (1986)
  • D. T. Farley
  • E. Bonelli
  • Bela G. Fejer, Utah State University
  • M. F. Larsen
The electric fields in the ionospheric E and F regions near the magnetic equator often show a strong eastward enhancement shortly after sunset and before the eastward (normally) daytime field reverses to westward. Several theoretical models of the low-latitude fields suggest that this enhancement is caused mainly or entirely by F region winds (the F region dynamo), but some authors have suggested that it could be produced solely by E region tidal winds. We give here additional calculations and arguments in support of the F region source. The enhancement of the eastward field for an eastward F region wind turns out to be a simple direct consequence of the fact that after sunset the ionospheric conductivity decreases far more rapidly in the E region than in the F region.
  • prereversal,
  • enhancement,
  • zonal,
  • electric,
  • field,
  • equator,
  • ionosphere
Publication Date
January 1, 1986
Publisher Statement
Copyright 1986 by the American Geophysical Union. DOI: 10.1029/JA091iA12p13723
Citation Information
Farley, D. T., E. Bonelli, B. G. Fejer, and M. F. Larsen, The prereversal enhancement of the zonal electric field in the equatorial ionosphere, J. Geophys. Res., 91, 13723, 1986.