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Genetic Testing in Children with Epilepsy: Report of a Single-Center Experience
Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
  • Eugenio Zapata-Aldana, Western University
  • Bekim Sadikovic, Western University
  • Ping Yang, Western University
  • Tugce B. Balci, Western University
  • Asuri N. Prasad, Western University
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Background: Retrospective observational study to determine diagnostic yield and utility of genetic testing in children with epilepsy attending the Epilepsy Clinic at Children's Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada. Methods: Children (birth-18 years) with epilepsy, who were seen in a 10-year period (January 1, 2008-March 31, 2018), were selected using defined inclusion criteria and by combining clinic datasets and laboratory records. Results: In total, 105 children (52.38% male and 47.61% female) with a variety of seizures were included in the analysis. Developmental delay was documented in the majority (83; 79.04%). Overall, a genetic diagnosis was established in 24 (22.85%) children. The diagnostic yield was highest for whole-exome sequencing (WES), at 35.71%. The yield from microarray was 8.33%. Yields of single-gene testing (18.60%) and targeted multigene panel testing (19.23%) were very similar. Several likely pathogenic and pathogenic variants not previously reported were identified and categorized using ACMG criteria. All diagnosed patients underwent a review of anti-seizure medication management and received counseling on natural history of their disease, possible complications, recurrence risks, and possibilities of preimplantation or prenatal genetic diagnosis. Conclusions: Our study confirms the multiple benefits of detecting a genetic etiology in children with epilepsy. Similar yields in single versus multigene testing underscore the importance of accurate clinical phenotyping. Patients with epilepsy and their caregivers in Ontario would undoubtedly benefit from repatriation of multigene panels and WES to the province.

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Eugenio Zapata-Aldana, Bekim Sadikovic, Ping Yang, Tugce B. Balci, et al.. "Genetic Testing in Children with Epilepsy: Report of a Single-Center Experience" Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences Vol. 48 Iss. 2 (2021) p. 233 - 244
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