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The Role of Religion/Spirituality in Coping With Caregiving for Disabled Elders
Gerontologist (1998)
  • Bei-Hung Chang, Boston University
  • Anne E. Noonan, New England Research Institutes
  • Sharon L. Tennstedt, New England Research Institutes
This study examined how religious/spiritual coping was related to specific conditions of caregiving and psychological distress among 127 informal caregivers to community residing disabled elders. Support was found for the hypothesis that religious/spiritual coping influences caregiver distress indirectly through the quality of the relationship between caregiver and care recipient. Caregivers who used religious or spiritual beliefsto cope with caregiving had a better relationship with care recipients, which was associated with lower levels of depression and role submersion.
Publication Date
August, 1998
Citation Information
Chang BH, Noonan AE, Tennstedt SL. The role of religion/spirituality in coping with caregiving for disabled elders. Gerontologist. 1998 Aug;38(4):463-70. PubMed PMID: 9726133.