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Human Resource Development on Employee's Performance and Productivity in Selected Construction Companies
  • Behnam Neyestani, University of the East, Manila
The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of human resource development on employee's performance and productivity in selected construction companies in Metro Manila. The researcher attempted to find the level of awareness of the respondents concerning human resource development. This study looked into the prospects and challenges posed by HRD on employee’s performance. Furthermore, it attempted to know the efficient methods for evaluating employee’s performance and productivity, and in large, the influences of human resource development in the construction industry.
The study used survey questionnaires as key research instruments which are all adapted from well known scholars and researchers in the field of HRD. The respondents of this study are limited to ten (10) selected construction companies which are classified an (AAA) located in Metro Manila, Philippines and from each company five (5) persons (project managers, engineers, construction managers and other experts) were randomly selected to answer the survey questionnaire.
The study revealed that there is a high level of awareness in all eleven given areas of concerns in the field of HRD. The two efficient methods for evaluating employee's performance and productivity in construction companies is found to be quality of employee’s performance and measurement of hours in the workplace. Generally, there is a meaningful relationship between HRD and employee's performance and productivity. Determining the profit is the best way to know the effectiveness of HRD. On the other hand, the improvement of employee's performance and increasing profit are the benefits of HRD to employees and companies, respectively, increasing organizational development (OD) can mostly increase productivity and leadership is the first priority for human capital development in HRD.
Publication Date
August, 2014
Graduate School of University of the East
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Behnam Neyestani. "Human Resource Development on Employee's Performance and Productivity in Selected Construction Companies" (2014)
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