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Activating human rights and peace: theories, practices and contexts
School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Bee Chen Goh, Southern Cross University
  • Baden Offord, Southern Cross University
  • Robert George Garbutt, Southern Cross University
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Human rights and peace issues and concerns have come about at a critical time. The world has recently witnessed a plethora of turning points that speak of the hopes and vulnerabilities which are inherent in being human and demonstrate that change in the service of human rights and peace is possible. At the same time, however, other events indicate that wherever there is life, there is vulnerability in a world characterized by instability and endemic human suffering. On top of all this, the collapse of the global financial system and the serious, rapid destruction of the environment have brought the world to a precarious state of vulnerability. Activating human rights and peace is, therefore, a project that is always in progress, and is never finally achieved. This enlightening collection of well thought through cases is aimed at academics and students of human rights, political science, law and justice, peace and conflict studies and sociology.
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Goh, BC, Offord, B & Garbutt, R (eds) 2012, Activating human rights and peace: theories, practices and contexts, Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, Surrey; Burlington, VT. ISBN: 9781409430766