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The Moral Limits of Jurisdiction
The Environmental Forum (2010)
  • Beau James Brock
  • Harold Leggett
As the states and the public face new rules on emissions under the Clean Air Act, the authors find that environmental policy devoid of economic feasibility equals ethical bankruptcy by policymakers to the detriment of all citizens and their economic liberty
  • Environemental Policy,
  • Greenhouse Gases,
  • Federalism,
  • Nullification
Publication Date
May, 2010
Publisher Statement
Copyright © 2010, Environmental Law Institute®, Washington, D.C. Reprinted by permission from The Environmental Forum®, May/June 2010
Citation Information
Beau James Brock and Harold Leggett. "The Moral Limits of Jurisdiction" The Environmental Forum Vol. 27 Iss. 3 (2010)
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