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Shining from a Different Firmament
  • Beatriz Fernandez, Florida International Univ
Chapbook of 20 original poems. Spanning cultures from ancient Egypt to the American West, and time, from medieval France to modern day Florida, this collection attempts to capture the voices of women, fictional, legendary and historical, some famous, some infamous, who lived, loved and died with an undefeated spirit, and who were loved, defamed and persecuted in their turn. We know very little about their personal lives and in some cases what we know of them is mostly a reflection of the times in which they lived or the men they loved. These iconic women who dared to be who they were and thus live forever in our imaginations inspired this collection.
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Publication Date
March 1, 2015
Finishing Line Press
Citation Information
Beatriz Fernandez. Shining from a Different Firmament. Georgetown(2015)
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