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External Funding: When is the Time Right?
CARS May Celebrations (2007)
  • Merideth Krevosky, Bridgewater State College
  • Gregory Nelson, Bridgewater State College
  • Beatrice St. Laurent, Bridgewater State College
  • Kathleen Kirby, Bridgewater State College
  • Kris Monahan
This panel of faculty and OGSP personnel will discuss external funding readiness, available support, and the influence of external funding upon professional growth. Specifically, the following questions will be discussed: 1) How has the pursuit/receipt of external funding changed your research, scholarship, and/or teaching? 2) How did you know that you were ready to pursue external funding? 3) In the process, what kinds of support did you need from the OGSP?
Publication Date
May 17, 2007
Citation Information
Merideth Krevosky, Gregory Nelson, Beatrice St. Laurent, Kathleen Kirby, et al.. "External Funding: When is the Time Right?" CARS May Celebrations (2007)
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