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Parental Voucher Enrollment Decisions: Choice Within Choice in New Orleans
Journal of School Choice (2013)
  • Brian R. Beabout, University of New Orleans
Set in the context of a choice-saturated public school system, this study examines the school choice process of low-income parents who participated in Louisiana's 2008 voucher program. Based on semistructured interviews with 16 parents at 1 Catholic school, we report that spirituality, small class and school size, character/values, familiarity, discipline, and parent communication all were factors important to parents. Notably, participants appear to have based their decisions more on the familiar brand of Catholic schooling rather than verifiable characteristics of the school they selected. Policy implications include the need to recognize the power of branding in local education markets, the need for publically provided school directories, and an argument for centralized support for school marketing as a region becomes increasingly marketized.
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Brian R. Beabout. "Parental Voucher Enrollment Decisions: Choice Within Choice in New Orleans" Journal of School Choice Vol. 7 Iss. 4 (2013)
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